Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

For me, Valentine’s Day is about spending time with your significant other rather than giving lavish gifts. Whether it’s an afternoon at a coffee shop or a night downtown for a romantic dinner with a bottle of wine, time spent together will always be more important to me than receiving expensive presents.
Although I would love to do a post about gifts for girls on Valentine’s Day, I don’t think I have too many male readers. So today, I’ll stick with gift ideas for him.

Make him a variety of cupcakes to enjoy after a nice homemade meal.

Who can say no to a piece of homemade banana bread?

Come up with a variety of words to make a bunch of different sentences on your fridge. Cut each word and put a mini magnet on the back to leave love notes to each other.

Decorate a tin to store the magnets in.

I just like the look of these colourful Valentine's Day candies.

Buy him a tie to wear out for your Valentine's Day dinner.

Make him a gift basket full of his favourite treats.

Here are a few Valentine's Day craft ideas from good old Martha Stewart. To see more click here.

Take a break from your day and go for a coffee together.

Make a reservation at a romantic restaurant and take your time enjoying this quality time together.

If you don't want to spend the money to go out for dinner and drinks, light some candles and
have a night in together.

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