Monday, January 3, 2011

Organize Your 2011!

As the new year begins, I've made a promise to myself to get things in order. I personally thrive in a neat environment and I actually enjoy the process of organizing. Here are a few ideas to start the new year off fashionably tidy.

Because I absolutely love accessories, I'd like to start off with ways to display/untangle ALL of my jewelry.

A very feminine way of displaying your

Thanks to Martha Stewart, here is a way of sorting jewelry. Using orphaned teacups and saucers are perfect vessels for organizing your smaller pieces. I like how this drawer is lined with a piece of purple velvet as well.

Using any type of picture frame, Martha Stewart shows how you can display your jewelry in a different kind of way. Copy and paste the link below to see how she creates this simple look.

I had never seen this before but it's a memory board jewelry holder. I think it would look really elegant in a bathroom or bedroom. Check this idea out at:

Here are a couple of French jewelry holders found at I think these are both super cute patterns.


Thinking about tossing your old books? DON'T! There are tons of fun and creative ways to display books in any kind of space. So unpack those boxes of books and try one of these ways of showing off what you've read (or what you've studied in school).

An easy pyramid stack of books beside a chair, couch, or bed can also work as a mini shelf.

A stack of books in the shape of a pyramid also look great on a shelf(left). I also like the look of a few stacks of paperback books on top of a fireplace mantle(right).

Arrange your neutral coloured books in a way like this creating a surprisingly lovely display.

I'm a fan of colour coordinating...why not try it out with books!

If you have a coffee table with nothing on it, spice it up with a stack of books from biggest at the bottom and smallest at the top.

Coffee table books I recommend:

Vanity Fair: The Portraits

Peter Lik: 25th Anniversary Book

Lonely Planet The Cities Book

Vogue Covers: On Fashion's Front Page

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