Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cinch that waist

Belts have been in for a long time now and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon.  They are a simple accessory that can be thrown on with a t-shirt and jeans and also look fabulous with dresses, collared shirts, tunics, and even overtop of a little cardigan.  

Victoria Beckham wearing a grey tunic with a brown belt.

Nicole Richie wearing a gold belt with a black romper.

Compare these two looks.  Wearing the same satin dress, Lauren Conrad pulls the outfit altogether by adding a black leather belt.  By putting on this accessory, the waistline is accentuated making any body shape look slimmer.

Here are a few other examples of how Lauren Conrad ties her outfits together by adding a belt.

Lauren Conrad wearing a grey dress with a black skinny belt.

Notice how Lauren Conrad pairs her braided brown belt with her brown shoes.  Navy blue and brown go very well together too.

Eva Mendes mixes patterns wearing a black and white belt with a tan and white shirt.

Kate Moss mixes patterns and colours breaking up her striped dress with a light brown belt.

Cameron Diaz puts a belt on making a casual outfit look stylish.

Jessica Biel wearing a loose collared shirt with a brown belt.  I like how she chose a brown belt which goes well with her red shirt.

Here are some other examples of how to wear a belt with different kinds of looks.

Add colour and texture to your wardrobe and choose a belt that will stand out.

Forever21 3.50 
You can't go wrong with this price.

J Crew 39.50
Add a belt with a little extra detailing.  

J Crew 32.50
Go with a black and gold belt to go with a variety of different looks.

Aldo 2/20.00
These belts are a really good deal and should become a staple in your closet.  they come in a variety of colours too. 

Urban Outfitters 38.00
You can only order this belt online at 

Urban Outfitters 2/28.00 

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