Friday, October 1, 2010

Get into denim shirts

A hot trend of Spring and Summer 2010 was the denim shirt.  However, it has been carried over to Fall 2010 because of its' popularity. 

Wear a denim shirt with a skirt with ruffles.

Mollie King wearing a striped dress with an open denim shirt.  Great belt to top it off too!

Wear a denim shirt with another piece that is floral.

Denim shirt worn open over a floral dress.

Another look to wear with an open denim shirt.

Who says you can't do denim on denim?  Make sure to wear a brown belt with brown shoes to tie it altogether.

Rihanna wearinga denim shirt with a tan skirt.

Drew Barrymore: Hippie Chic

More denim on denim.


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